Prolifians On Prolifics

“When a company is both caring and innovative, it means I’m at the
correct place.”

Rajeshwar – Internal Automation

A five-year Prolifian, Rajesh heads up Prolifics’ internal automation department and guides his team in all its technical, architecture, design and delivery requirements. One of his proudest moments was the launch of our Prolifics Employee Portal.

“I want to stay at Prolifics because of the inspiring leadership and everyday challenges. It’s helped me grow in my career. Here, if you happily help people first, others automatically return the favor. This is true with all my coworkers. When a company is both caring and innovative, it means I am at the correct place.”

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Sai – Finance

Prolifics is a great place to work and grow – especially for people starting out their careers where there are so many opportunities to learn. When I joined Prolifics I received good support from the first day. My team helped me learn and understand all the basic things I needed to know. I’ve developed a lot professionally.

Venu – Smarter Process

My favorite part of Prolifics is working on multiple innovative technologies with an amazing, supportive team. I’ve worked here for six years, and the team I’m with makes me want to stay here. I’m proud to be a Prolifian, and until and unless you feel proud of the place you work you can’t deliver.

Syed – Quality Assurance & Testing Automation

The immense trust everyone at Prolifics has had in me has unlocked the potential in me that I had not thought was possible. The incredibly friendly teams and the scope of learning that Prolifics offers is hard to beat. With several new projects coming, the opportunities to work on different technologies is priceless. If you give it your all, you will definitely get the job you have been dreaming about.

Varun – Digital Experience

The best part is, we are free to learn on our own, enable ourselves in whatever skill or tech we want and if proven worthy, opportunity is given to put it to practice. I have come a long way in my journey with this organization. Being a Prolifian means being proud and confident, with the ability to talk different business and technical languages as a groomed professional.

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