Discover job positions that suit your career interests. Become a Prolifian.

What We Look For

Whether we’re hiring you as a developer, accountant or HR recruiter, there are common traits we look for in all new Prolifians.


A love for the technology field and a dedication to meet – and exceed – the expectations of your clients, internal or external.


The ability to look at things in a new way to accomplish something better, faster and cheaper. Innovation springs from curiosity.

Team player

Yes, it’s a cliché – there is no “I” in team. Collaboration with your Prolifics peers and client personnel is how things get done.

Tech excellence

Be great at what you do, and have the desire to keep learning new strategies, methods and tactics to stay on top.

What You Should Know

Our process – Currently, all interviews are through video and are mostly one-on-one. For junior and mid-level positions, expect two to three interviews; for higher positions expect three or more. While we look for great technical skills, soft skills like communication, adaptability, accountability, responsibility and business acumen are equally as important. Based on your level and position we may administer tech, aptitude and/or personality tests.

Express yourself – We want to learn all about you! Make sure you can readily discuss your background, education and accomplishments. We’ll want to hear specific examples and stories that bring your resume to life. Can you tell us why you are in your chosen field and what your goals are? We’ll want to know what differentiates you from other candidates and why you’ll make a great Prolifian.

Know Prolifics – We’ll want to discuss why you’re interested in Prolifics, vs. other companies. What do you know about us, and how will you fit in with our operations, culture, tech partners and clients? Could you pass a Prolifics “pop quiz” – like what is our Innovation Center? What is Quick FHIR? Who are Leia and Archie? How many office locations do we have? Who are some of our premier tech partners?

Meet Our HR Team


“Be honest about experience and skills.”


“Focus more on real time and to be a problem solver.”


“Know about Prolifics and our aspirations as a company.”


Learn about the company and give your best in your skills! Stay positive and listen more than talk.


“Beyond the role and skillset, be able to answer the question – why Prolifics.”


“Do you research, stay honest and be prepared to talk about why you want to work for Prolifics.”


“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart. – show us that in the interview.”


“It’s a pleasure to work with Prolifics for the past 6 years. If you are interested in the International HR best practices with strong business and pragmatic knowledge, that help an organization to introduce innovative approach to its Human Resources Programs, Prolifics is the place for you.”


“Interviews are an assessment of not only your technical capabilities, but also your approach to solving problems, thought processes, analytical skills. We want to gauge your passion in using technology to solve real world business problems for our customers. Listen carefully, think through the questions and their implications in the business scenario before you answer for a successful interview with us!”


“Do one thing every day that scares you.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


Always be yourself; be honest; take your time when responding to a question, it’s okay to take a pause to compose your answer; and don’t forget to smile.


Be a pro at your work and stay confident.


VISION is the art of seeing the invisible. See it through the EYE of PROLIFICS

So, What Happened in Your Interview?

“We discussed .NET core in detail and the use of L in SOLID principles.”

Praveen – Technical Architect, Service Excellence

“We had a good discussion about my experience with supply chain workflow and processes and their client needs.”

Navya – Senior Test Engineer, Quality Assurance and Testing Automation

“Of all my interview queries, I got the fastest response from Prolifics.”

Kashish – Senior Software Engineer, Information Management & Analytics

“Even with the pandemic, my recruitment process was smooth, with virtual HR, technical and managerial interviews.”

Shilpa – Technical Lead, DACS

“I really enjoyed talking to people in the US offices about the work I could do for them.”

Ravikishore – Sr. Graphic Designer, Marketing

“The HR Team was very supportive and did a good job of letting me know what to expect when interviewing.”

Suresh – Senior Functional Consultant, Quality Assurance and Testing Automation

“We talked about the new technologies that the Innovation Center was working with, and I was able to relate those to my expertise. That was a driving force for me, I was very eager to work on them.”

Rahul – Associate Architect, Information Management

Discover job positions that suit your career interests. Become a Prolifian.